Monday, February 15, 2016

It`s Family Day

It was a very nice weekend.

It started with 3 days of fun with the quilting girls

Maryann kept us on the right path 
 her little sign posted on her sewing machine..

Great minds discuss ideas; 
Average minds discuss events;
 small minds discuss people.

We did our best to stay in the `Great Minds` area....

Every now and again she had to pull us back up on the wagon.

We would ask her....
That was under Events,right!!

Great works of art were being created...

This was Sandy`s project for the weekend...

Terry has come a long way on her Feathered Star....

Colleen finished her French General....

Charlene was working on some pups...

Justin cooked some fabulous food.

Thank you, Justin!!

As if it could not get better....

Arnold took Charlene and I for a Valentine`s Supper...

Followed by a concert of Johnny Reid!!
This was my favorite song of the night...

A Picture of You by Johnny Reid

As he explained his inspiration for his songs,

It made me a quilt...every song has a story.

There are so many times you look at a quilt and think `nice`.

But if you ask the creator about their creation

 the story behind it is usually pretty inspiring and heart warming.

Take the time to listen to this video!!

Have a great Family Day today!!



  1. I'm pretty sure that I told you to take LOTS of pics??? Lol!
    Johnny was a fantastic performer! Emma's favourite was the peacock song and mine was the Woman like You song.

  2. I had too much fun PLUS had to go to a funeral in the middle of that!! You'll see more as they get completed! Last night was a lot of fun!


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