Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Throwing a Curve In It

Chantel and Jaxon made this snowman

Pretty cute...
so is the snowman!!

I have been working with this ruler....
1.  Quick Curve Ruler © 

This quilt doesn't have to been finished before June 
it's good to get ahead of the game!!

I am using Horizon by Kate Spain

This ruler involves alot of squaring up

I prefer the regular method of making a wedding ring quilt

all though this way is definitely faster...

but the end result is a more modern quilt look

The plan is to emboss a V for Vandenhurk in the center

I am running out of room!!

A couple more rows...

This one needs to be King size!!



  1. You threw me a curve with that snowman, fun idea. Love the colours in your quilt, seems like it's coming together pretty fast.


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