Saturday, March 26, 2016

From the Coast, With Love

No...I am still home...

But my love for the ocean is why I had to do this quilt!!
When I saw it in Houston,
 it was not even a question of 'Did I need it??'

It's a McKenna Ryan Pattern!!


It reminds me of all my favorite vacations!!

I quilted it myself....Probably shouldn't have.

But my longarmer, Terry Whitman is super busy.

I wanted it to look like a post card.

I included a stamp from my country...Canada

A postmark from my province....Saskatchewan

Finished in 2016!!

Mckenna Ryan makes the most beautiful fabrics

These were my first love when I started quilting. 

Batiks by Mckenna

Still my absolute favorite.

The only thing missing is my footprints in the sand......

Might have to some more quilting!!

Oh yeah... And fix this guy's eyes...

The two gulls on the other end of the log are looking at him like....

'Did you eat a bad clam, Joe??'

Hope everyone has a great Easter!!



  1. You're a funny girl, Christa!! Beautiful, as usual, my Friend!

  2. Well look at those eyes!! He has a serious cross eyed issue!! Thanks! I'll try to get it fixed up for Thursday!

  3. Beautiful quilt. We are lucky to see those views on any given day. The sea gulls come in every colour and are huge. The sand has returned to our ocean beaches.


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!