Sunday, March 20, 2016

Meadowlark Crescent

Nothing says Spring like the chirp of a Meadowlark!!

It was great to hear one singing 
on my way
 to do chores this morning....

ON the first day of Spring.

My mom was raised on Meadowlark Crescent in Calgary
my grandma still lives there 60 years later!!!

I love this card we received in Minot at the Show

It was one of the MANY gifts we received at each meal...

Two of their members made all the gifts for up to 250 people!!

A thread catcher...

We already saved the date for next year!!

Minot puts on a fabulous quilt show!!

Gudrun Erla of GE Designs was the trunk show speaker.

I kind of feel like I am going backwards 
 I am going to give her new book a try!

Her Strip ruler is amazing!!

I have been working 
on my
 Rabbits Prefer Embroidery by Bunny Hill.

After seeing this one in purple, I really wanted to finish mine for Easter!!

I was ironing the ones I had done
only to realize.....

I had not finished the chicken and the ink disappeared!!

I started this in 2014...where does the time go??

I used up scraps of Paris Flea Market by 3 Sisters

It's looking very 'Eastery'

I am going to try to incorporate the selvage but it might be tight!!

Now for the border...

I thought I would give Chris Lyn Krisch's technique a try...

I sandwiched the background and the border together
 laid out the scallops

Stitching along the line...

Then trimmed the scallops close to the stitching...

Satin stitched around the scallops locking in the raw edges

No need for fusible!!

I just quilted it myself...

Some Bunny is ready for Easter!!
Happy First Day of Spring!!


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    1. Thanks so much!! Only took me 2 years to put it together!!


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