Monday, April 11, 2016

A Fabulous First Quilt

We invited a new girl to our guild last week.

Wendy Kittelson

This is is her FIRST quilt.

RIDICULOUS.....that's all I can say.

I think we are going to be learning alot from her!!

She started she says....some Walmart fabrics

made her horse head...

All with just a pinterest picture for inspiration

Terry Whitman quilted it for her.

Terry 'suggested' a flange and Wendy pulled it off!!

She does have a quilting Aunt but none the less!!

She did a spectacular job!!

She only owned it a couple of weeks as it was auctioned off this weekend
 Dr.Brown Auction in Oungre,Sk.

It went for a whopping 2,200$!!!

Super job, Wendy!
(but we are all scared now....going to have to up our game!!)

It is Quilt Show season.

Crocus Quilters Show - Weyburn, Sk
  April 29&30, 2016

Prairie Piecemakers Quilt show- Regina,Sk
May 6&7,2016  

The Block Part Guild Show & Bed Turning - Torquay,Sk
  June 18th,2016

Swift Current Quilter's Guild- Swift Current,Sk
May 14&15

Just in case you are travelling around the province!!

 Our Annual Trek To Montana is Thursday!

Glendive and Sidney have amazing quiltstores.

If any of the Estevan or Weyburn quilters 
 interested in tagging along.... let us know!

It's always an adventure!!


  1. Wow, that "first quilt" is spectacular! Some people are just meant to be quilters!

    1. It is incredible! Wendy will surpass us in no time!!

  2. That is one great quilt and I love the photo of the horse looking at it.

    1. I love how the horse looks like he approves!!

  3. I'm wondering how Wendy will acquire the last name of Marcotte to REALLY be a part of your group. She's definately got the quilting talent needed.


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