Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Seeding is done...

the birds are making nests

The puppies are nearly ready to go to their forever homes...

They are cuter ever day...

Their blue eyes are so beautiful!!

The Sasktel repairman was here yesterday 
even he couldn't resist a stop at the pen for a snuggle!!

Branding and tagging is complete

No room for Scout in the box of the quad....

Cows are ready to hit the road!!

I have been anxious to start my new kit I purchased at the Regina Show

Chic Country 
Sew Kind of Wonderful

I have stolen an hour here and there...

I realized why I HAD to have this one!!
I have been looking for Zen Chic fabric for 6 months...

This whole quilt is Zen Chic!!

There is a whole lot of cutting in this quilt!!
Now to get those cows to pasture!


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  1. I guess I should've read your post 24 hours earlier! If you're missing one of those puppies, don't come here looking for one cuz you might just find it!! lol


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