Monday, June 20, 2016

A Beautiful Day for a Quilt Show

If you noticed any of these signs along they way..

I hope your anticipation was met with satisfaction!!

After loads of tea cups and quilts....

We transformed the school gym into a beautiful tea party...

We hung over 200 quilts...

all new ones since our last show!!

Our vintage display which most machines had been acquired within the last 2 years...

That is my crank machine on the bottom..

Now if I can figure out how to cut hay and sew in the tractor....

My booth was hopping!!

Thank you to all who purchased.....
all those who just came for a visit!!

It was great to see you all!!

There were bags galore...

Many group projects from classes we took...

We were honoured with a group from The Red Hat Society!!!


This was our first Bed Turning.

We told stories of 2 quilts from each member.

I think we touched our audience with our epic tales of some of our quilts.

We started the show with my first quilt which is just in tatters now.

I was shocked that when I asked Irene Roy if she would restore it for me...

She said..CHUCK IT!!

It was great to see Irene again.

She has a special place in our group 
 she made the trek from Saskatoon to see it!!

I told my kids to chuck it along time ago but they can't part with it!!
It was great to see family and friends from far and wide.

There were over 120 women who came to spend the day with us!

back-Terry Whitman,Colleen Marcotte,Jane Marcotte,Vernelle Rasmuson,Theresa Stepp,Charlene Wimmer,Chris Marcotte
Front-Narrie Lowe, Christa Marcotte, Tracey Holzer, Lori Lowen,MaryAnn Whitman

These works of art came from these 12 fabulous quilters!!

If you want to see some more fabulous pictures of the great day

Click on over to Brenda's Wit Walking and Mrs. Hojo's Blog

Thanks for the great post,Brenda and Elaine!!

Can't thank you enough for coming, everyone!!

Special thanks
 Heather, Marianna, Chantel, Lorin, Arnold and Justin for the extra help!!

A show is nothing without friends to share it with!

Now going to put this stuff away...


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  1. Wow, over 200 quilts from 12 quilters. My mind boggles. The pictures are so pretty. Your group knows how to entertain and inspire fellow quilters. Thanks for a glimpse.


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