Sunday, June 12, 2016

Estevan Art Museum

It is amazing how quickly you forget Winter was just here...

Only a few short weeks ago

Already.... bursts of color every where!!

These are Aunty Annette's flowers...

She had a spectacular green thumb!!

This got me to thinking.....
 how good it is to stop and smell the roses....

I always tell myself to stop in at the Art Museum in Estevan 
I am ALWAYS too busy.

So this week I made the time...

I can't say it was what I expected to see when I saw the sign

It was BIKES....

Custom made Motorbikes....

Lamps made from parts....

and gears..


It may not have been my 'thing' but they were works of art none the less!!

The second exhibit was PEDAL bikes....

I loved how they were all suspended from the ceiling..

The history of the bike was interesting....

I always took CCM for granted!!

I am sure most of us have owned a bike from this company.

Never appreciated this Canadian company.

A rare 1950's Sunshine bike owned by Souris Valley Museum in Estevan

This company made agriculture equipment.

That's why this bike is still in such great shape since it is solid steel construction!!

Sekine from Japan started importing into Canada in the 1970's

CCM lobbies for a tarriff against the company 
Sekine opened a factory in Rivers, Manitoba to get around it!!

I think everyone can relate to a couple of these bikes

owning one or two in their own lifetime!!

It was also nice to see a tribute to Evelyn Johnson who recently passed away.

She was a dynamic and innovative woman!!
She was a real going concern for all things creative and positive!

It was an honour to have crossed paths with Evelyn!

I am sure she is riding her way
 through the next phase
 spreading all kinds of culture and knowledge!


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