Monday, June 27, 2016

Presenting Mr and Mrs Vandenhurk


I am a week late in posting this...

Mr&Mrs. Vandenhurk!!!

How cute are these two????

I have to give credit to Chantel Rasmussen for the photos

She is an amazing photographer!!

She is also Vernelle's daughter in law.

Talent runs in that family for sure!!

I was exhausted by the time we got to the wedding 


it was the same day as our quilt show.

But I was glad I dragged myself to this event.

It was a beautiful wedding.

So loving and touching.

Our son, Justin was the best man.

Only he would get TWO bridesmaids
 there were more maids than men!!

Everyone's speeches were heartfelt and touching

This is also the family that has created Three Farmers Products

So it was only fitting that the parting gifts 

Camolina oils and Toasted Chickpeas in mini sizes!!

Their wedding present was the first quilt in this picture
was the first quilt taken down to take to the wedding!!

Cheers to a very cute couple!!
Congrats, Eric and Heidi!!

Love the Marcottes

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