Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Whole Lot of Hating Going On....

At least that`s what my Iphone says,

 every time I text 'haying'

Apparently it's a slow learner. 

It autocorrects to HATING every time!!

And Baling....

Well....I must have meant BAKING...

I couldn't possibly be BALING!

I have to say it has been tough to do either 
 it seems to rain every day!!

Instead of
 'Make hay when the sun shines'

We have been 

'Making hay between rains'

They will let just about any one drive these days...

After all, it is the best view from the driver's seat

It is my grandson, Jaxon's 3rd birthday today!!

He has been wanting to come make hay.

I told him if he was a big boy 
 used the potty he could come.

Chantel has tried all kinds of bribes to no avail.

When she told him I had started haying
 he decided he was a big boy and trained that day!!

He was out in the tractor with me that night!!


I thought I weighed the same as a bale.

When I was pushing a small bale out of the baler to fix something... 

the kicker on the back of the baler kicked ME!!

My favorite color....
.a new shade every day!

750 bales made...40 acres left...rained again last night...

At least the crops are looking fabulous!!

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  1. Ouch!
    Dr. Phil says we have to find our kids currency. I guess haying is Jaxon's currency!! LOL


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