Monday, July 18, 2016

Emile`s Birthday Party

After the wine tour,we chilled out by Osoyoos Lake

Justin has always wanted to try jetskiing so he and Leo hit the water!!
(Leo is one of Gerry Marcotte's past Rotary students)

It met Justin`s expectations....

 so don`t be surprised to see a pair of jet skis in our yard one day!!

Gerry saved the boys from this shark!!

To commemorate Emile`s 80th birthday

Each of his kids found a wine
 with a label
that meant something to them about their dad.

Gerry purchased a bottle called `See Yah Later`...

When his dad retired from the family business,

 Gerry thought he would be around some

Slowly making his way out...

Nope...It was See you later!!!

Greg and Trish found a bottle called 2 Hands 
one called Dad

 Emile always has patience 
 make everything work with his two hands.

Laura and Dennis brought a bottle of Wise Owl

When her brother passed away she wanted to move back to Grande Prairie 
Emile told her to wait a year.

She said it was the best advice as they love Kamloops

Allan and Cheryl

Mark and Colette brought a bottle called Quatrain

Annette brought a bottle of Harvey

She recently watch the movie Harvey 
said there were so many things about him that reminded her of her dad.

Robert's was called Stoneboat

Robert always remembers his parents' stories about picking rocks with the stoneboat.

Emile was throwing a rock on the stoneboat when Mary lunged forward.

He always attests his bad back to that event!!

Elayne and Henry brought a bottle of Fittings
Emile was a plumber most of his life

Mary`s bottle was called White Wedding....

They have been married nearly 60 years!!

We farm Emile and Mary`s Homestead quarter.

We thought it would be fitting to give them a cornerstone rock 
 their original yard where it all began.

They moved to Grande Prairie in the early 1970's to start a new life 
 would feed a family of 10!!

They did amazingly well in Alberta
 their own plumbing shop called G&M
 is still being family operated.

This rock signifies their strength as a family
where is all began!!

It was 100% Saskatchewan Aggregate
 came with this photo of Authenticity

The evening was completed 
 finishing this biggest 3 liter bottle of wine I have ever seen!!

Great memories were made...


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