Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fourth of July in Wolf Point

We had a great time at the fireworks show
I love seeing all the colors .. I could watch them for hours!

It never looks good when you come out to see the guys have ALL the doors open on the car... But just turned out they were looking for the fuses. The outlet for the GPS was not working!!
We passed a cute quilt store in Glasgow, Montana. I didn't have to stop but when we stopped for gas I made Arnold turn around!! This store was recently purchased and will be called Crazy Wonan Quilt Store. The employee was sure to point out it is singular!
Good thing!! This was such a cute store with an amazing employee!! This was her farm girl vintage mini... Going to have to do this one!!!
She did it in a lot  of solids. Really cute! 
Thought this was a sign....that's my motto for this trip!!

These were a new line of air dried muslin. I was so tempted but was only store one!!
This was their sample quilt in those fabrics
Down the road, we spotted Quilt with Class. It closed at 4 and we arrived at 3:55 so we did a quick swing through and purchased some beautiful greys 
 This store was in Shelby, Montana. Very cute town
We continued on to Glacier National Park 

With no accommodations planned we were lucky enough to get a room at EastGlacier  Lodge
They pick up the guests at the Via train station in this Checker cab putting the luggage on top of the car! 
The pillars in this landmark were humungous old trees. The lodge was build 103 years ago. 
Such amazing structure and design

On to Road to the Sun next!!



Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!