Thursday, July 14, 2016

Going to the Sun Road

Who has time to sit and enjoy a chair like this...

When there is things to see and do!!

We were met by these wild horses on our first turn

There are many spectacular views along this road

Look how tiny that island is with only a couple pine trees on it!!

These mountains are not nearly as majestic as our Rockies 

But none the less gorgeous!!

The flatlanders that we are...

We figured we would hike to see some falls!

There were no signs to start with telling us how far 
we were properly attired this time and had water so we went for it!!

St. Mary's Falls

Beautiful turquoise waters

Well worth the trek of 3 miles down 
what felt like 6 miles back up!!

I heard a lady say at the start of the hike as we were almost done
 she was going to need crutches after this!!

I said you are going to need air ambulance!!

There was still a lot of snow in the mountains making for lots of waterfalls.

In 2011, this pass was not opened till July!!!

We were definitely up in the clouds

On the other side was White Fish, Montana
I stood a good chance of running into Brenda King!!
(she was in the area at the same time!)

I looked for her at the quilt shop but didn't run into her!

I HAD to stop here.

This is McKenna Ryan country!!

Batiks galore!!

I loved how her new wallhanging featured things from the Park

Like mountain goats and bears riding in the Checker cab from the Lodge!!

And Tours of the Going to the Sun...

There were some cute gifts in this store

It made me think of a lot of my family members...

and a couple of my friends....

Who will remain nameless...

When we got to Idaho,
 we were greeted by this DOUBLE RAINBOW, Charlene!!

This was a full spectrum rainbow!!
We crossed the border back into Canada
stayed in Creston, B.C. for the night


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