Monday, July 25, 2016

It's a Secret....Ghost Town Blues

I probably shouldn't be telling you about this little secret.... 

But I have to....

In Maple Creek, Sk.....

Where the cowboys cross with their horses....

There is a fabulous Bed and Breakfast...


 I can not rave enough about this man's vision!!

 Greg Hisey has created his small town
 old dilapidated cabins, wagons and a church from local ghost towns 

He has an eye for putting relics together
 these masterpieces better than they were the first time!!

You feel like you are transported back in time 
 you hear a train rumbling in the distance....

I am seriously considering doing this to my old Fargo!!

The CowGirl Deluxe

The truck came from the Heller Bros. in Maple Creek

One is still alive today!!

These adorable accomadations are all done up so well...

Cozy and cute...

Complete with your own deck area at each place

One even came with a phone!!

Greg's use of stain glass windows and old recycled barn boards...

Made what new things he used stand out even more!!!

I think I will need to stay about 9 more times

(One of the wagon accomodations)
so I can try out each adorable place...

These are original Studebaker Sheep Wagons!

Every bed had a quilt....

Each one different...

This was the view from the my bed in
the Walsh cabin!!!

There are full bathrooms
even the outhouse was inviting
(it's a composting toilet!!)

They were air conditioned 
heated if you needed it!!

Complete with towels and breakfast!!

Cara Lee Hanson did an incredible job keeping everything spic and span

Her love of the history was also apparent 
 she shared her knowledge of each cabin with us

Bink, the cat would go from porch to porch
to sit with each guest

I did a fair bit of needlework with this little buddy!!

The front porches were well used in our stay with Arnold's family

This church is where you have breakfast 
have events or just play cards

It was also the Rodeo so this wagon and truck 
were drove to town to be in the parade!!

When it rained 

we took shelter on the porches...

This was the Hatton Cabin

I think this would be a fabulous quilt retreat location...

I think we need to try it some time!!

Every night we had a bonfire

where we made new friends....

 Bink smiled for the camera for this little guy!!

It was a super relaxing place to gather...

We already booked for next year!!

Did anyone check Bill's trunk for a cat???



  1. I knew you would like it. We thought it was fantastic - Narrie

  2. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! I'm gonna take him some of our old crap that he can make into something beautiful and put into good use!!


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