Friday, July 15, 2016

Kootenay Ferry

The next day we headed up to the Kootenay Ferry 

This unique glass house looked interesting so we stopped. 

We were going to tour it 
I HAD to ask what the bottles were...

Embalming fluid bottles!!!

The guy owned a funeral home and decided to recycle by building this home in the 50's

I was good. I didn't need to go in.

We carried on. 

The Artisans of Crawford Bay

This little spot has all kinds of interesting artisans...

 My favorite by far was the weavers

I tell my next life I am going to be weaver!!
(there is a next life, right??)

The colors were spectacular

 the feel of the fabrics....well.....I can't rave enough about it !!

I managed to part there WITH my money...

Dog Patch Pottery...

North Woven Broom Co.

I am more of a vacuum girl myself...

But seeing the art of making brooms was interesting

Very high end brooms!!

Justin saw a sign as we got to the ferry.

There was a quilt shop up these stairs...

By the time we got to the top,

The Ferry had arrived!!

No time for that shop!!

We had lunch at Nelson,B.C. on the other side...

Look at this wool, Maryann!!

At Grand Fork,B.C..... we stopped at Caba's Quilt Shop

She was in the process of making her own bargello!!

I fell in love with this Border Creek Station pattern

Had to have it!!

Not sure if it was because it's blue or snowflakes,
Border Creek has great patterns!!


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  1. I think one of those brooms would come in handy for you when Arnold gets out of line!! And I LOVE the Border Creek pattern, too! Do you happen to have fabric to make it? Oh wait, this is you and you probably already have the flimsy pieced together!!! You cultivate and sew at the same time, right?


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