Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nk'Mip a.k.a. Spirit Ridge Resort

When we arrived in Osoyoos,B.C,

we checked into our hotel

But spent most of our days at the Nk'Mip Resort 
the Grand Prairie Marcottes.

They are starting to disperse through the world though...

living in Bermuda, Vancouver and Kamloops

I loved all the metal statues that greeted you to the properties

I think I might try to make my own one day....

The Emile Marcotte family got together to celebrate Emile's 80th birthday

 Mary and Emile have 8 kids
(nine... if you count Arnold who has been inducted into the family)

This is just the kids and spouses!!

A wine tour was planned of the area around Osoyoos and Oliver

With Top Cat Tours,

Where this cat under our bus wanted to join in!!

I am not a big wine connoisseur 
 was willing to learn a few things about good wine

Our first stop was Silver Sage where we tried 15 different kinds of red and white

My sister texted me this picture that morning
 asking me

 to buy her this hot pepper ice wine if we saw it....

That was our first stop!!

The presentation was entertaining and delicious!!

The property was gorgeous

Roses everywhere in the middle of a desert!!

Next was Burrowing Owl....

This was our lunch stop and knew it was going to be good 
 you see they won Top 100!!

It was an amazing atmosphere

I chose peach and ham soup with grilled 3 cheese sandwich

Arnold had the Stuffed Shells


We scaled to the top of the observation tower to get a look at the area

You can book a room at a lot of these vineyards 

They are beautiful and relaxing places

They told us there was a bell at the top 
 the rope was removed because guests were being disturbed!!

You know that didn't stop us!!

Ring that bell, Ellen!!

The lavender grows like weeds everywhere here

Looks like it should be California...

But it`s B.C

We went to Tin Horn and Hidden Chapel Wineries...

Our final spot was River Stone Winery

The owner completed day as great as it started

He had a real passion for his livelyhood 
 how he choses what he makes for wine.

 He spent time to answer all our questions 
gave a good history about wine making.

Arnold`s cousin texted this after our 35 wine tastings...

I wonder if I am going to like red wine now.....



Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!