Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Road Home

We were homeward bound....

We thought about the shorter route through the Crow's Nest Pass

opted to go the longer route through Banff and Canmore

To see my sisters

I can't get over our majestic Canadian Rockies


Had enough yet???

Ok... One more...

The Three Sisters in Canmore...

Christa, Tannis, and Larissa

just in the order

Yup... My sisters are the skinny ones!!

We had supper at Sage Bistro in Canmore!

I recommend it if you're going that way!!

The next day was a quick stop 
My Sewing Room in Calgary

The Stampede was on but we didn't go...

We have our own Stampede every day on the farm!!

This was their Row by Row 

The winning quilt was already entered for their store!!

They had a great deal if you wanted to take classes.

One price and take as many classes as you want all summer!!

If only....the commute is a little much...

Next was Out of Hand

This is always a favorite for me. 

So much inspiration!!

Arnold came in to this one.

He asked what`s this store called....


Have a look around...it`s crazy!!

3500 km.....

9 days....

10 quilt stores...

5 wineries...

A good time was had by all!!

Back to regularly scheduled programming

At least for the next week!!


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  1. I thought of you as we passed Three Sisters on Wednesday.


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