Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

The heat was on...

Not only was it a scorching 39C...

A neighbour called to say there was a fire near my son's farm

That clump of trees at the bottom is Justin's yard

We only live 6 miles apart

Within minutes the streak of smoke turned into a raging fire!!

A combine header had started a  fire and it was headed right to the yard.

Thanks to the MANY volunteers who stopped their combines 
came to the rescue....

 with water trucks, tractors and discs and manpower

And the Torquay Fire Department who are the same farmers!!

We thought there was no saving his house
the wind switched at the last minute
 tearing through his pasture...

Going just a 100 feet from his barn and house

The cows have been relocated and some fence needs repair

But  his yard was saved!!

At this time of year,

 when you see smoke you know it's probably going to be a raging fire.

It was only a month ago that our baler caught on fire from a hot bearing

It has been 5 weeks since a rain and everything is tinder dry.

So the blue grey skies were a welcome sight yesterday as we picked straw bales

The cooler day gave us time to water down some hot spots

It made us appreciate the simple things in life

It is a blessing to live in a community where people help each other!!

Two more days of combining and we call it another successful year!!

Now to UNLOAD some bales...



  1. Ever since I watched a Dateline Special on the California wildfires, I have a new appreciation on the intense power and force of a fire. Yeah, he's fortunate to still have his home! See you soon!!!

  2. I'm so thankful that Justin and his farm are safe. We drove 11.5 hours from Thompson, MB yesterday. The first 11 hours were in heavy rain. Then we got to Francis and there wasn't even spit. Crazy weather.


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