Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Great Weekend for a Road Trip

Can you believe we are in the 'BRRR' months??

SeptemBER,OctoBER, NovemBER, DecemBER!!

With harvest and haying complete...

We had 2 choices for the long weekend...

Stay home and work


Hit the road!!

So it was off to our favorite places to go to...

Deadwood, South Dakota

Up in the misty clouds and pine trees!!

I love the historic homes

Especially the Adams House - 

one of the founders in Deadwood

There are fabulous canyons to tour

We made a stop at Thunderhead Falls

One of the oldest gold mines in the area

Checked our Mt. Moriah Cemetery

It always amazes me how these trees are able
 to hang on
 to life on the side of the mountain

Their root systems is amazing!!

A cute gourd garden on the terrace wall

We did a day trip to Rapid City
checked out a local farmers market


Heirloom tomatoes




A couple of food trucks

We decided on a Smoked pork lunch

and a couple of fresh peaches

We tried our luck at some gambling

Arnold was drawn to have 14 seconds in the cash machine.

He managed to squeeze $52 through the little slot!

It was a great getway.

Sure beat staying home and working!

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