Sunday, October 30, 2016

These Boots Are Made For Walking

But my legs aren't!! 

With over 900 vendors you can imagine the 'squirrel' effect it has on us!!

We are trying to focus but I tell yah...

Laura Heinie

Of course I love her renditions of Farm Life 

She has such an eye for making it all so pretty

Just Love her truck...

Then you see a blast of colour and your drawn in to Jacque De Jonge's fabulous work


Their theme was red, black and white this year
. Stunning

Had to get a pic of this Storm at Sea with a Snail Trail

Inspiration for Maryann and I as we are taking a class from John Flynn on that!!

The creativity in decorating the booths is incredible

Look at the bolts of fabric at the mannequins feet

KERI has been a favorite of mine since Houston last time 

I met these girls a couple of time now.

They are from Sweden 
are shopping for the store they work in 

They were a lot of fun!

I think you can guess by now...I have a lot of LOVES 

Zen Chic....

You are only seeing what I LOVE

This one is for Colleen. 
One of her favourites 

French General

This year I got to meet KATE SPAIN

My all time favorite!!!

She even gave me a layer cake of Early Bird, her newest release

I think I will just frame it.

I invited her to come to Bali in 2017. 

 I can only imagine the fabric she would come up from that trip!!

Super cute buttons! 

Sent a fair amount of time in Tim Holtz booth

Eclectic Elements

I think I went back 6 times

I finally broke and purchased 4 bolts of his wide back cotton

The most luscious and silky cotton you have ever felt! 

You're going to love it!!

We ended the evening by having supper with anothe new friend 

Her name is Hekva

She is from Israel and came with 2 friends. 

Pretty sure we scared off the other two.

But Joy(meaning of Hekva) was such a lot of fun.

There were quite a few language barrier moments but boy did we have some laughs!!

Can you imagine...
6 Canadian chicks...tell yah...follow me....
We are going to your hotel to eat...we're are you staying?? 

We went to the Hyatt and shared the evening 

The things we learned about Israel!! 

Joy told us how one of her sons moved to Japan and married a girl there.

Terrry thought she said he was murdered there

Terry had the look of horror and Joy said ...what?. If he's happy I am ok with it.

We all laughed when that was cleared up!! 

Good Times....


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