Sunday, November 20, 2016

A New Set of Design Boards

I love using my little design boards

I use them to assemble blocks
Take it to the machine and sew 

Here is a really good link on how to make them...

To make your own...

You need some foam boards

Scrap pieces of batting,

A roll of wide ribbon,

A glue gun 

And some basting spray 

Lightly spray your board 
Smooth a piece of batting on it 

Trim to size 

I like to do a few at a time

Next is to apply the ribbon to the edges

I have use a couple methods

I have sewn it on with my machine 

But it's much easier to hot glue the ribbon  on outside edges 
Glue down on the front and back 

I would show you HOW to glue it on
my sewing room looks like a spider
On crack while making her web!!

I could probably get away with committing 
a crime right about now...

No fingerprints left on these tips!!!

I recommend checking out Lori Holt's link


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