Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Brayden's First Christmas

Can you believe this little tyke....

Is nearly a year old?

This will be his first Christmas

Since Jaxon has his stocking, it was time to make one for Brayden!

My inspiration came from the Art to Heart book
I loved this little snowman in this book

After I called my friend, Colleen to see if SHE knew where I hid my snowmen noses

(She was no help...except she did know where hers were and offered them)

I managed to find one

The little mini buttons worked for his smile

(Just like Brayden is always doing)

Added some jingles and trim...

A name tag...looks a lot like barb wire...we are farmers...I'll go with it!!

And this stocking is ready to be stuffed!!

And it was done before Christmas Eve!

Now to attack the other Christmas projects on this list!!

25 days to go...




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Ariane! Not perfect but DONE is better than perfect in my books!!

  2. They are both very cute. I really like your fabric choices.

  3. Ahhhh....that is so cute - baby and stocking!


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