Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Houston Market and Festival Finds

My luggage is searched every time I travel....

I am sure they are wondering what the heck is all this stuff for??!!

I was able to attend Market and Festival this year 

I managed to come home with 49lb in my luggage. 

Not all was mine....I muled for a friend!!

My first freebie at Market was Jacqueline DeJonge' s beautiful....

 HEAVY hard cover book

Which she was so kind to sign....I couldn't pass that one up!!

I have not tried one of her patterns so I purchased this one!

I think Kate Spains Latitude will work perfect for this one 

My favorite purse vendor didn't have any new things this year.

I did pick up some bag feet and closures

Some cute maples leaf buttons

I think everyone of us picked up a sunflower cutter for chainpiecing 

Call me crazy...I purchased a Storm at Sea mini...4 1/2"!!!!

When there is drawings for free stuff I seem to win....

They consisted of patterns...

Fabric and other freebies from Market 

Yazzu has some cute bags for all kinds of projects...

This will be for my embroidery

This was one of the last things I purchased. 

It's a rubberized metal hoop for machine quilting 

I figured if my luggage was too heavy I could always wear it home!!

The Hoffman Challenge fabric for 2017

It's not speaking to me yet....

I loved these extra wide crazy cat ribbons 

I took Marti Mitchell's class on log cabin quilts

I went into it with no intentions to buy the templates. 

I am not a 'ruler' girl

But MAN.....she is so good!!!

I had to have them!! 

I saw this giraffe pattern 2 years ago at Festival.

They sold out and I have thought about it for so long.

She is from Maui and I even searched the island for the pattern when we vacayed there!

I was pretty happy to see her back and I snapped it up in a heart beat! 

I really held back on fabric purchases 

This FQ of shibori....

And this pack of brights were all I purchased 


I looked at Tim Holtz widebacks

They were luscious and silky.

I lost my mind and ordered 1 bolt of every print on this page!!

When I ordered, 

I explained how I was over in Tim's store molesting his fabric...

I had to have it!! 

It is 100% cotton with a chintz finish.


I think you are going to want a quilt with this one the back!! 

If only there was virtual feel!! 

If anyone is interested in a fun retreat...we still have a couple spots open!!
November 24-27 Circle Square Ranch
Email me!  




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  1. Great place, wonderful food with modern ambiance and comfortable seating with plenty of room. It is now probably one of the best Los Angeles venues in my list. Perfect food, great decor and vibrant atmosphere.


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