Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Is It Really November?

It was a balmy 30 degrees in Houston
(-20 in the buildings... they like their a/c)

It was fabulous to come home to such nice temps!!
Sandals in Saskatchewan....
In November???  

Unheard of!!!!

I even had to cut the GREEN grass yesterday!!

I came home to flowers!!

Someone missed me!!

It is great to be home but we sure had a blast in Houston! 

Maryann managed to get a selfie with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star!!

There were incredible quilts

It really makes a quilter wang to up yheir game!!

I seem to be drawn to the ones that had movement

This one was constructed with my favorite....

Cathedral windows

Bright colours

Mesmerizing and hypnotic 

I have been eyeing up Dear Jane

Can't decide if I should do red



What would be your choice??


Time to unpack!!


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