Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tula Butterfly

I have loved this butterfly for quite awhile now


I am not a pink girl...hardly own a piece of pink

I decided to try it in what I do know 

Yup...blues and browns!!

I did not fret about overall placement....just individual blocks.

When I first started putting the blocks in place I did not read the instructions
(I know...shocking right?!?)

It started off like this and I was hating it! 

She looked like she had a couple of boobs...

So I turned to the book....


My book was missing 3 pages!!!!

Thank goodness  I was able to use someone else's book and continue....

This was more like it...

I really started to like what I was seeing...

She's ready to fly!! 

I feel like I should do a border....

Maybe some flying geese or delectable mini border

 Need to think about it!




  1. It's gorgeous! I love your colour choice!

  2. She's a beautiful butterfly. If you do a border just be careful not to cage her in. Butterflies have to be free to fly.


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!