Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yup...Still in Houston

Imagine my surprise as I strolled through the quilts.....

I went to admire this stunning face of a man only to be shocked by the 'angel' manning this exhibit!!

It was none other than our Charlene!!!

I forgot she had volunteered to be angel
( I won't go where this COULD go!)

Today's class was Log cabin pineapples by Flavin Glover 

It was on another Janome but this one was a lot better machine 

She gave us two options to make pineapples with the same strips 

I used some fabric I didn't care if I chopped up

I would love to do this in batiks and make the tumbling blocks 

 My partner made it in these beautiful colours 

 The luncheon today was with Pam Holland on Planting seeds of creativity

 We also heard a talk on how hard it is to quilt in weightlessness in space by astronaut, Karen Nyberg

She said you don't lose needles though. They just hang there 

As usual the lunch was fabulous 

The table cloth was a large piece of Moda which I won for our table!!

W were joined by the Oxbow, Sk girls...

Trudi and Sandy

I stopped in to admire another Sedona Star quilt maker

When look who stopped in....

 Ricky Tims!!!

 We had a chuckle about how this free pattern in 2012 cost me 300$ when I printed it at staples in 2015!!

There were some great quilts again this year 

Some of my favourites



These were part of the Lion King Cherrywood Challenge

They were 24" square and there were so many fabulous ones

It was hard to pick just on as a favorite 

There is also a Dear Jane exhibit which I want to do a quilt one day

I happen to be in the right place at the right time when this one was presented to the owner of Moda 

The designers all made a quilt from their fabrics incorporating the hearts in the design 

 One day left in Houston.

I think I have been pretty good.

My acquisitions should fit in my luggage. 

Better do one more sweep of the show tomorrow...

In case I forgot something....





  1. I appreciate your updates. What a great time

  2. I appreciate your updates. What a great time

    1. Glad you enjoyed Jimmi Kaye!! It was another great time!!

  3. NOW I see those hearts! It took me awhile tho!! Don't be hungover for the plane ride home!!!


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