Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Border Creek Station

Calving has begun...
With three cameras set up and can be watched on the iPad 
I can sew and watch for calves! 
I joined the Border Creek Mystey this year.
I love their patterns. 
I have made Stars in the Valley three times! 
They are so well written with quick methods to make the components needed.

I chose burgundy and blue batik colorway for a queen size quilt

This is the forth instalment for this mystery.

I love stars so I am really liking how it's coming together.

It's like quilting homework once a month but I actually look forward to getting the instructions!! 

Waiting for the next instalment....


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Country Chic, Zen Chic

I have been working on cleaning up some UFO
(Ok....and other stuff...)

This quilt was made in August, 2016
When I was at the Artisan cabin in Kenosee Lake 

It uses the quick curve ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful 
I didn't realize that when I purchased the fabric and pattern.
I already owned the ruler so it was great to use it a third time.
You know how many times you buy a 'special' ruler and never use it again!  
My original plan was to do straight line quilting but some how I got distracted...
 Instead I stitched in the ditch on all the circles
 Since I used Zen Chic fabric with all kinds of words, 
I figured this one DESERVED a backing of Tim Holtz postmark fabric
 It is the softest, silkiest cotton!  
As a finishing touch to bring the teal out to the border I used Susie's magic binding!
Another one off my ladder of unfinished projects!! 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mini Retreat 2017

Our guild decided to have a mini retreat this weekend
Catch All Caddy pattern front cover 

We rooked Vernelle into teaching how to make the Catch All caddy by Annie

She will be MIA next time. 

It was like herding a bunch of farm cats...

we were a mess!!

Some had all the components ready, while others had not started.


with some patience and lots of help, we all got a caddy finished!!

This was mine...

Jane's in some japanase blossom  

 Terry's in some fabulous batiks

Narrie's cute lobsters

 Charlene's 'easter' colors 

Colleen made great use of her selvage edges

Love it!! 

Chris's in Garden themed fabric 

 We also had a surprise visit from Marianna Wick and her first quilt! 

Lightening Two Color Bargello

 The same one I was working on! 
(only I missed a step and got an M)

 It was a productive and fun weekend!! 

 Deb finished a project from her moms stash, Dresden plate 

Jane got a good start on a stack and wack....love that blue!

There was some great show and tell.

Terry has a collection of collage quilts using up her Kaffe Fassett fabrics



 A second elephant

 Narrie finished her quilt

 And hand quilted it!!!

Beautiful work! 


Thanks for the fun, everyone!!

Have a great family day tomorrow!


Sunday, February 12, 2017

She's Ready to Roar

You probably were beginning to wonder if I would ever sew(or cut) again....
I got back in the saddle...
I need a baby quilt for a boy or a girl.
My girlfriend, Colleen purchased this pattern 
I offered to test it for her.....in case it was poorly written
(Aka...I borrowed it)
It's called Zooey Zoo by Sassafras Lane Designs
I am excited to report..... it's was a great pattern!! 

For my girl quilt, I used the lion-ess pattern.

She's pretty in pink! 

 Scraps of Kate Spains Latitude fabrics to make the mane...

I am going to straight stitch the strips when I quilt it so they will fray a bit

One critter down...one to go...


Speaking of critters...

 Most people have a issue with their cat trying to catch the needle.

My cat, Lucy just wants to be as close to you as she can....

 Next I worked on this crafty little fox....

 He is also in Latitude.

The orange worked perfectly for him!

I am so ahead of the game...the baby isn't even born yet!!

Let's see if I can get them quilted now...



Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sewing... A Dangerous Sport

Well...February 2 was our 32nd anniversary.

Glad we had two weeks in Hawaii together!!

I wish my husband, Arnold.... a belated anniversary

as I spent the day at emerg!!

I cut off my finger tip with my rotory cutter.

I am sure you are feeling the shivers through your body already
 I will save you the gory details... 

Let's just go with..

Its really, really.... really bad

Apparently Pat Sloan did the same thing recently.

It's quite difficult to explain to the doctor,

 how this 'sewing' injury happened with a sharp pizza cutter.

That hasn't stopped me though!

Slowed me up but not stopped.

I had a few thank you gifts I wanted to make!!

The first was a set of Christmas tree napkins


They are off to Hawaii!!

The second was a baby receiving blanket for a baby girl

This one is destined for Vienna!!

So I wanted to attach a little 'Canadian' to it.

Using the scraps, I fashioned a flower

leaving the raw edges to fray

Just adding a little extra flare to this one!!

Hope they like it!!

In recovery...