Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sewing... A Dangerous Sport

Well...February 2 was our 32nd anniversary.

Glad we had two weeks in Hawaii together!!

I wish my husband, Arnold.... a belated anniversary

as I spent the day at emerg!!

I cut off my finger tip with my rotory cutter.

I am sure you are feeling the shivers through your body already
 I will save you the gory details... 

Let's just go with..

Its really, really.... really bad

Apparently Pat Sloan did the same thing recently.

It's quite difficult to explain to the doctor,

 how this 'sewing' injury happened with a sharp pizza cutter.

That hasn't stopped me though!

Slowed me up but not stopped.

I had a few thank you gifts I wanted to make!!

The first was a set of Christmas tree napkins


They are off to Hawaii!!

The second was a baby receiving blanket for a baby girl

This one is destined for Vienna!!

So I wanted to attach a little 'Canadian' to it.

Using the scraps, I fashioned a flower

leaving the raw edges to fray

Just adding a little extra flare to this one!!

Hope they like it!!

In recovery...



  1. You scared me for a moment - I thought you were going to show a picture without the band aid. Hope it"s not hurting too much.

    1. I thought ild let your imagination do the rest....

  2. It was the third 'really' that got me cringing. I love the little flower!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!