Sunday, February 12, 2017

She's Ready to Roar

You probably were beginning to wonder if I would ever sew(or cut) again....
I got back in the saddle...
I need a baby quilt for a boy or a girl.
My girlfriend, Colleen purchased this pattern 
I offered to test it for case it was poorly written
(Aka...I borrowed it)
It's called Zooey Zoo by Sassafras Lane Designs
I am excited to report..... it's was a great pattern!! 

For my girl quilt, I used the lion-ess pattern.

She's pretty in pink! 

 Scraps of Kate Spains Latitude fabrics to make the mane...

I am going to straight stitch the strips when I quilt it so they will fray a bit

One critter to go...


Speaking of critters...

 Most people have a issue with their cat trying to catch the needle.

My cat, Lucy just wants to be as close to you as she can....

 Next I worked on this crafty little fox....

 He is also in Latitude.

The orange worked perfectly for him!

I am so ahead of the game...the baby isn't even born yet!!

Let's see if I can get them quilted now...




  1. Lindsay loved the fox and since she now knows it's my pattern guess what I'll be doing next.

    1. You're lucky I tested that pattern for you! You will breeze through it!

  2. Christa, just came across your blog. Would you happen to remember the name of the pattern you used for your Row Robin Quilt back in 2012. Love it. Would like to buy one.

    1. It is called Country Village by Colorado Quilt Designs. It's a old pattern. Let me know if you can't find it!


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