Monday, March 27, 2017

Minot Quilt Festival 2017

Minot Quilt Festival was a great time! 
Bees were the theme this year 
These were all the gifts we received at each meal!!
A bee pin...
A little jar of honey 
Mini pot holders 
These are some of the quilts I loved!! 

Funny how the carpet looks like this quilt 

I feel like I am starting to lean towards some modern quilting!

 I took some great classes!!

This one was on Y seams 

 It was a light bulb moment and won't be scared any more!!

The class on featherweights was super informative
She had a lot of attachments 
The colour theory was very helpful 
There were hundreds(really) of fabulous door prizes!
Trudi won this great bag made by Ghana women
Yes....I won my fair share too!! 
The trunk show was by Susan K Cleavland 
We were fortunate enough to meet her in Houston
She is zesty and enthusiastic!  
Her quilts and techniques reflect how fun she is! 
Best of all,
 it was a great weekend with some girlfriends! 
 Our rooms are booked for next years fun! 
Thanks for all the fun...Trudi and Charlene!  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Moda Blockheads

There is a free block of the week going on! 

Here is the link to  the Moda Blog

It just started so you can catch up if you want to participate.

 Block 1 - Whiligig is by Kansas Troubles, Lynne Hagmeier

They are 6 1/2" blocks.

I am going to try quilting as you go with these little blocks.

I'll assemble them later.

This is block 2 -Aunt Dinah by Betty Chutchian

 Block 3 - Four X by Jo Morton

These are excellent for that bag of scraps
 they are all quite small pieces of fabric

I am using my batiks scraps.

I am pretty sure they are breeding in the bag as it doesn't seem to get used up!!

if your looking for something to do this weekend....

There is a quilt show in Minot!!

You know where I will be....

(someone else is on cow duty!)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some Sunday Sewing

What a difference a week makes!
The snow is starting to melt which is a good thing...
The calves keep going on the roof of the open shed!! 

Let the thaw begin!

While the water was running, I decided to start this Block of the Month.

It's called Halo Medallion by Sue Garman.

It's a free download if you subscribe to The Quilt Show by Ricky Tims

 I am going to use bright batiks 

 It is paper pieced which I love the end result!!!

 Of course,

 I can't just pick some easy NON directional fabrics

So this took some thinking....

I wasn't sure about the orange but wanted to have some punch!

I think it worked.

Where to go from here...



Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Week That Felt Like Two

 That storm was brutal.

Justin has been storm stayed since Monday at our house.

Good thing though...

Arnold was storm stayed in Estevan and I would have been dealing with it all by myself!! 

This is Justin's road in to his farm.

It's 8' high all the way down. 

We plan to tackle it today!

 These cows were standing on 6' of snow in front of the door where all the cows calving were.

It took us 8 hours to tackle this snow after 20000 lbs stood on it packing it like cement.

 This bale feeder is 2 bales high.

To the left is our corrals which are now 7' of solid snow.

Spring can not come soon enough.

The outside shed is full of snow.


It wasn't so cold as it was 95k winds with snow sandblasting.
When the sun did poke out it warmed the shop enough to melt creating icicles 

We walked through this door in the shop every hour for two days 

We were freaked out when we found these stalagmites for icicles  

 That was some crazy wind and weather!! 

I did manage to do a bit of sewing through the storm...
between Justins amazing food!
He loves to cook 
He has been making all kinds of deliciousness.
I have to say my favorite was the caramel pretzel stick...delivered to my sewing room!!
As I worked on this curved craziness called Inifintiy....
 I started to think there should be warning labels on quilt patterns like there are on kids toys.
Easy to Advanced is just too vague.
I need more warning like....
If you are not a good sewer, 
don't like pinning, 
don't starch your fabric
Oh yeah....and don't read the pattern TILL there is a problem

I am pushing my way through this one.....



it's a bit wavy but in the words of Martha Cole....

It's only fabric! 

 Two borders down...two more to go!! 

I have 3 projects on the go.

1- A Border Creek Mystery

2- A Border Creek Snowflake 

3- infinity 

Each at a different stage.

I found myself planning a fourth as I was working on this one.

How sick is that!! 

Maybe it's the weather...going a little crazy!