Tuesday, March 7, 2017

2017 Snow Storm...part 2

Another lovely winter blizzard day in Saskatchewan!!
I am going out again....
Not to rob a bank either!!!
I sent this pic to my girlfriend who suggested this could be the face of Saskatchewan Winter.
They could put it on our immigration and tourism brochures.
It would weed out the faint of heart.....that's for sure!  
Too funny! 
Looks like it's not that bad....
Till you get out of the protected areas....WHICH are few and far between...
There's a brave little heifer at this feeder but you can hardly see her...
Has her face buried in the bale....
The wind is sand blasting your eyes till they are crying....

The cows are fed and bedded....now all we can do is wait till it is over!!

Going sewing....

(With maybe a little cinnamon schnapps to warm up with....good call, Trudi!)



  1. And the pictures that we take don't show al the snow and how bad it really was. Today is back to reality for me after 2 days of sewing. Loved it!!

  2. You're not kidding. That snow is deep and hard!


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