Thursday, March 23, 2017

Moda Blockheads

There is a free block of the week going on! 

Here is the link to  the Moda Blog

It just started so you can catch up if you want to participate.

 Block 1 - Whiligig is by Kansas Troubles, Lynne Hagmeier

They are 6 1/2" blocks.

I am going to try quilting as you go with these little blocks.

I'll assemble them later.

This is block 2 -Aunt Dinah by Betty Chutchian

 Block 3 - Four X by Jo Morton

These are excellent for that bag of scraps
 they are all quite small pieces of fabric

I am using my batiks scraps.

I am pretty sure they are breeding in the bag as it doesn't seem to get used up!!

if your looking for something to do this weekend....

There is a quilt show in Minot!!

You know where I will be....

(someone else is on cow duty!)


  1. I just finished 100 blocks, the Splendid Sampler. Now i need to figure out ways to put them together. So now you are dangling new ones. Oh dear.

    1. You can do it!! This is feeling like my THIRD farmers wife but I love it just the same!!


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