Monday, March 6, 2017

Snow Storm

We made it home in the nick of time! 
What a difference a day makes.....
We spent all yesterday getting ready for THE storm
Its hard to believe this was yesterday. 

Everyone was loving the warm weather

 Calving has been going well 

But today the storm has hit and the lucky cows that get to be inside are pretty happy 
This one was standing at the door when we went to help two fresh calves  
Had to let her in.
That's a red Hereford under those balls of snow!!!
I am so glad we got all the cameras going. 
Saves a millions steps to the barn...especially in a blizzard!!
Justin's Holstein just had this little guy!!   

So in between interruptions,

 I have been working at assembling my Infinity quilt 

It looks like a bad road map!!

 There is not one straight line on this octopus of curves!! 

I have had a few moments of read and re-read these instructions
A couple of moments of unsewing....

It is slowly coming together! 

Two more stars.....



  1. Two thumbs up! And oh that poor frosty, snowy girl!

  2. The weather is so unpredictable eh! Your quilt is amazing so far!!

    1. Thanks, Ariane! I am not great at curves but what the heck!! It's only fabric....they make more!!


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