Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some Sunday Sewing

What a difference a week makes!
The snow is starting to melt which is a good thing...
The calves keep going on the roof of the open shed!! 

Let the thaw begin!

While the water was running, I decided to start this Block of the Month.

It's called Halo Medallion by Sue Garman.

It's a free download if you subscribe to The Quilt Show by Ricky Tims

 I am going to use bright batiks 

 It is paper pieced which I love the end result!!!

 Of course,

 I can't just pick some easy NON directional fabrics

So this took some thinking....

I wasn't sure about the orange but wanted to have some punch!

I think it worked.

Where to go from here...




  1. I love your colours!! Looking great!!

    1. Thanks Ariana! I wasn't sure of the orange! I don't have orange in my stash so it's a leap of faith for me!

  2. The orange looks great, Christa. Is this quilt #5 that you have on the go now?? Crazy woman.

    1. Hey....whose counting?!? I already have ANOTHER quilt going in my head. Got to go with the flow when it comes!!

  3. Are those calves encouraging each other to jump? If you ever need extra fabric money, you can open "Calves on Roof" similar to Goats on Roof at Coombs, BC.


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!