Saturday, April 29, 2017

Moose Jaw Quilt Show

Its the Moose Jaw Quilt Show this weekend! 
What a cute welcome with this quilted bug! 

They did such a good job that you can even drive the car!! 

 Loved this photo booth with the landscape background quilt! 

There was everything from wolves

To horses...

This little girl was replicated as a portrait...

 And a pixelated quilt

What a fabulous job!!

 There wqs a section of modern quilts with incredible quilting 

Loved the weaving effect with these colors  

 And the stitching that gave such texture to this one!

 The theme was Canada 150 

With a few quilts in that catagory

What a great rendition of a Bay blanket!! 

A cute little cathedral window

 Tons of color....


It was a fun day! 

Lunch was spent catching up with all our quilting friends from around the province  

Always great to see everyone again!!

Thanks for an awesome day, Lori!

Now...going to get sewing with all this inspiration!  


Friday, April 28, 2017

More Moda Blockheads

I have 'bee'n keeping up! 
Block 4 was by Jan Patek
Block 5 is called Coronation by Lisa Bongean
Block Six by Carrie Nelson is called Sunflower but color really changes up a  block! 

Kansas Troubles made Penny Basket

 Block 8 was a basket of triangles....LITTLE Triangles

These blocks are 6 1/2" blocks!

I am using a bag of scrappy batiks.

It must be a magic bag because its not getting smaller!! 

Forty weeks to go!!


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gifts on Short Notice

My sister,Larissa is heading to England in a few days to visit family
(Yup...all my family are gypsies) 
She asked if I could make a couple quilts for two new babies!
I was going to try but time has creeped away!
So it was going to have to be something quick and easy.
Two little girls...
This called for some sweet Tim Holtz cotton
And some bubble minky!! 

I made best use of all of my fabric so I was able to get two receiving blankets.

The Tim Holtz fabric is wide back and the minky was 60" wide.

 A couple yards of satin binding at Walmart..... mitred the corners

Using a decorative stitch to catch the edges of the binding.

I snuck in a little 'ps.i love you' tag in the angle! 

Just in the nick of time. 

 Hope they love them!! 


Friday, April 21, 2017

A Father and his Daughters

We had the opportunity to meet some new friends 

David and his two daughters are taking the west by horse! 
They started in Pierson, Manitoba on April 8, 2017
The daughters, Stacey and Tressa want to qualify for the Long Riders Guild
means they need to do over 1000 miles in one trek! 
They hope to stay on side roads most of the way taking in all of what the west has to offer 
They are pretty self sufficient but appreciate all the help that has been offered! 
 They stayed a night at Justins farm. 
It was fun to hear about their adventure and live it a bit from our kitchen table! 
You can follow along with their excursion
I don't know why but when I was at the Monastery the day before,
I had purchased this little key.
I asked the Monk what it signified.
He told me it was a key for safe travels with the Saints on one side 
forms of travel on the other.
I gave it to David and the girls. 
I told them they will need it more than I will. 
Till our paths cross again...
Safe travels!  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Holy Cheese

Another trip to the JD doctor
In Holland, Manitoba
As usual, we slipped in a side trip.
We stopped in at the Trappist Monastery 
Where they have been making cheese since 1976
They used to run a 55 cow dairy but no longer have the manpower
They get their milk from a local dairy. 
There are only 6 monks left at this Monastery. 
The oldest is 92 and the youngest is 76. 

This is Albert.

He is the official cheese maker.

He makes 8 wheels a day.

He used to make 20 a day.

He washes and flips 200 wheels of cheese a day. 

He used to wash 800 wheels a day.

It takes 6 hours a day  

 He's a young 83 years old. 

He runs the store in the afternoon selling the cheese


Maple syrup that they make themself.

Monks are vegetarian 


they are self reliant growing and canning their food.

 The house was built in 1886.

 The carriage house has been converted to a little chapel 

 It was a cool little side note. 

The church was beautiful.

The post and beam structure was incredible.
We just don't make things like this any more.

The organ was a piece of art in itself.

It took all I had not pull the ropes and ring the bells! 

The grounds were so well kept.

 Well worth the little trip down the road! 

This rock says it all!