Friday, April 21, 2017

A Father and his Daughters

We had the opportunity to meet some new friends 

David and his two daughters are taking the west by horse! 
They started in Pierson, Manitoba on April 8, 2017
The daughters, Stacey and Tressa want to qualify for the Long Riders Guild
means they need to do over 1000 miles in one trek! 
They hope to stay on side roads most of the way taking in all of what the west has to offer 
They are pretty self sufficient but appreciate all the help that has been offered! 
 They stayed a night at Justins farm. 
It was fun to hear about their adventure and live it a bit from our kitchen table! 
You can follow along with their excursion
I don't know why but when I was at the Monastery the day before,
I had purchased this little key.
I asked the Monk what it signified.
He told me it was a key for safe travels with the Saints on one side 
forms of travel on the other.
I gave it to David and the girls. 
I told them they will need it more than I will. 
Till our paths cross again...
Safe travels!  

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