Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Holy Cheese

Another trip to the JD doctor
In Holland, Manitoba
As usual, we slipped in a side trip.
We stopped in at the Trappist Monastery 
Where they have been making cheese since 1976
They used to run a 55 cow dairy but no longer have the manpower
They get their milk from a local dairy. 
There are only 6 monks left at this Monastery. 
The oldest is 92 and the youngest is 76. 

This is Albert.

He is the official cheese maker.

He makes 8 wheels a day.

He used to make 20 a day.

He washes and flips 200 wheels of cheese a day. 

He used to wash 800 wheels a day.

It takes 6 hours a day  

 He's a young 83 years old. 

He runs the store in the afternoon selling the cheese


Maple syrup that they make themself.

Monks are vegetarian 


they are self reliant growing and canning their food.

 The house was built in 1886.

 The carriage house has been converted to a little chapel 

 It was a cool little side note. 

The church was beautiful.

The post and beam structure was incredible.
We just don't make things like this any more.

The organ was a piece of art in itself.

It took all I had not pull the ropes and ring the bells! 

The grounds were so well kept.

 Well worth the little trip down the road! 

This rock says it all! 



  1. Well who would've thought that places like this even exist?? You forgot to show us what you bought there. I need another batting for Aidan's quilt soon. Thanks.

  2. Right!! I forgot to add the pictures of the maple syrup and cheese! It was quite a nice little surprise! Very interesting! The world is a cool place!

  3. I've been to and past Holland MB several times but I've never heard of the trapist monks cheese. Do tell. Whereabouts is it?

    1. Me too!! Justin knew about it. It's south of Holland. If you google Trappist Monastery
      Holland, MB. It comes up!! Worth the drive...was only 10 minutes out of our way!


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