Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hot off The Press

It's auction season! 
These days the equipment up for sale is too large for our farm.
But this one was perfect 
This house and land was part of the sale. 
It was built in 1913 by Jim Allin in Stoughton, Sk 
The Krell family have lived here since 1943.
It is a beautiful house and farm.
It is going to a new family. 
If only these old houses could tell the stories of the life they have led! 
When perusing the boxes of things to be auctioned I had to laugh when I saw this book.
It didn't really go with all the manuals for machinery!! 
  Or maybe it did....
Justin wanted to buy this JD 95 combine because it was so cute!

 But we were really there for a new swather.

Got two!!!

This was a newer healthier version of our old BLUE grain truck.

It had to come home with us too! 


 The Krell family purchased these old chairs and took in the sale  

They had the best seats of the day! 

I am in the market for a new iron but haven't found the right one yet.
But these irons were a steal of a deal!!
5 bucks for 7 irons!!
These showed the history of a good press.
Irons that were heated on the stove,
irons that were gas fired! 

I think I have nightmares about leaving the iron on?!? 

I can think that the gas version was that safe!  

I REALLY appreciate the shut off version now!  

You never know what kind of deals you'll stumble on at a farm auction!  

Some of these are going to make great door stops or weights.

It was quite the load to haul to the truck!! 

Pressing on for the search of a new iron...


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