Thursday, April 6, 2017

Meeting of the Guilds

Crocus Quilters of Weyburn host a Meeting of the Guilds each year

We always enjoy attending.

We had a great showing of our group this year! 

10 of 13 came!!

Thanks to Adeline Johnson for taking our pic! 

It was a celebration for the Canada 150 birthday

Jaynie Himsyl was their guest speaker.

She is a fabulous art quilter 

as well as 

the Saskatchewan rep for the Canadian Quilter Magazine


a member of their guild!

Jaynie has a quilt that is showing in Paducah, Kentucky this year!  

She had a variety of works!
This prairie scene is one of my favourites!
Jaynie based this one on a topical map

She also is participating online in a monthly challenge 

There was a contest for best Canada 150 piece  

This was my choice!

Each guild did show and tell.

Lori made this pattern of her motor home in the desert.

Terry showed some of her collaborations using Kaffee Fasset fabric

Jane brought her stack and whack 

Elenor painted some cute barn quilt boards 

Marilyn showed her Veterans Quilt for her dad 

Mae brought her grandsons hockey Quilt 

Marg had a beautiful pointsettia Quilt 

Vera had a beautiful Quilt for her grand daughter 

Thank you for the invite! 
We had a great time!!
Quilters are like family and it was a fun reunion.


  1. I'm blushing. That Canada wall hanging is mine. Thanks for attending. I've just published my blog post about the evening.

    1. I loved your 150 leaf! Great job Brenda! Thanks for the invite. We had a great time! Sorry to have taken so much show and tell time!!

  2. Thanks for coming Torquay ladies. It's great to see the show and tell quilts and hear the stories that accompany them. As usual your group is incredibly prolific.

    1. We had quilting today and were talking about how amazing your presentation was! Thanks for the fun! Always enjoy sharing with you guys!


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