Saturday, April 1, 2017

Paging Dr. Carmen

It has been  quite the week!

Ordinarily we see our vet once or twice a year spaced out spring and fall
Dr. Carmen came to test the bulls on Wednesday

 All went well....good for another season of breeding!

Calves have been coming fast and steady.
Not too many problems.
Just the odd bottle having to be fed to boost the new born!
But last night...we had to call the Doctor again!!

Too many feet but not twins.

Some thing was seriously wrong. 
We even had the neighbor over for his opinion before calling....
Something was up.
The calf had to be extracted by c section as it was deformed and folding in half.
I'll spare you the graphic pictures.
 The cow is doing ok but looking for a calf.
Nothing like doing a little sewing by the glow of a flashlight!!
I happen to have a spare calf that no one is claiming.
We have interviewed a few cows and they are all pleading the fifth.
Maybe it's her lucky day...she can foster this new calf. sewing has been very minimal.
I managed to get block 4 done of the Moda Blockheads 
I finished the class I started in Minot

It's a Buggy Barn pattern with bees and flowers
I really prefer to paper piece over this method.
I think I will have a pattern book for sale after this one is finished!!

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  1. OK, Christa, those bees are not your best work and no I'm not interested in the book!! LOL. See you on Tuesday.


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