Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Seeding in the dust...

The grass is green and the cows are out grazing.  Almost pasture time! 
We checked fields 
the neighbours dog was over(as always)so he came for a ride too
I have 4 dogs....what's one more???
Except I think this dog eats more than all three of my collies! 
My dogs love seeding and harvest. 
They get to ride in the grain truck! 
I swear Timber would drive if you let her!! 
I have been cultivating and seeding for two weeks now.
I have listened to 4 books, sung my heart out to all the music on my phone 
even watched/ listened to some stuff on Netflix!!
Just trying to keep the brain occupied....
I can't believe how dry it out there.
We had a ton of snow but it has all soaked in!!

My favorite folklore is 

Seed in the dust and your bins will bust

Seed in the mud and the crop will be a dud!

Plenty of dust....

Dawson has been snoozing between bunny hunts 

It has been some long days but nearly done!! 

Long tractor shadows and sunsets! 

I have to thank my mom.
She told me the fence was broken at Justins where we keep the bulls.
We haven't had time to get over there so mom fixed it today. 

Thanks, Mom! 

I needed a good chuckle!! 

I love how the bulls sat there and watched as you repaired it!! 

Great pic!! 




  1. LOL, those bulls don't stand a chance against that duck tape!!

    1. Sure is! But I think we will have to get her something a little stronger like gorilla tape! Mother's Day gift!


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