Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Abilene Cow

I have been hoarding my collection of Eclectic Elements by Jim Holtz 
we came home from Houston in November.

Then I saw this cow....

Laura Heine of Fibreworks in Montana

It's great when you are inspired to 'get to a project'!!

I sliced and diced up my FQ's and arranged in color palette

For the backing, I used fusible interfacing with the glue up.

I figured that way I had double the fusion,
 with the wonder under and fusible when pressing it all together

If and when I do this one again....

I would pay more attention to direction of my fabric
 cut it so the lines run the length of my strips

It was all a matter of shading...
(not to say I got it right)

A design wall probably would have been better than a floor...

But before you know it...Old Abilene was coming together

I had a piece of Tim's Wide back leftover which was just the right size

I knew I wanted to try straight line quilting.

Not sure why as 'straight' and I don't belong in the same sentence.

The only thing missing is our brand!!


in a Speckled Park version!!



  1. I really like this! Great job.

  2. That looks great. I bought the pattern at the Creativ Festival West this year. Still overwhelmed by it.

    1. You can do it! Just one step at a time! Pace yourself and before you know it....you'll wonder why you waited!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I think I need to do another but better!

  4. I love that cow.. I am amazed at the amount of quilting, farming, working on your growing business, and traveling that you are able to accomplish. I am really impressed. I can hardly keep up with housework and Graham let alone do the stuff you do. inspirational. Thanks for sharing quilts, blog, and friendship.

    1. I am a firm believer of the 10 minute a day quilting...more if it can be squeezed in but it just makes you feel like you got your little fix in and its amazing what can be accomplished!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!