Sunday, June 18, 2017

Simpler Times

I love rainy days!!

We have not had rain until this week 
it has given everyone renewed hope for the crops!!

It was looking pretty bleak...hopefully thing will be able to recover!

We wouldn't be farmers if we didn't believe in HOPE.

Just like these two pioneers....

Erma and Edward Tetzlaff of Alameda,Sask.

They immigrated to Canada from the Ukraine over 90 years ago.

They moved a few times around the area 
 settling on this homestead at Alameda.

They had two sons, Harold and Edward.

Justin has enjoyed his friendship 
Harold and Ed(who recently passed away)
for a few years now. 

I have always said Justin is an old soul.

He always makes meaningful connections to anyone over 80!

We are always 'on our way' some where and never take the time to stop.

We stopped and listened yesterday.

 Harold told us storied about his  family's life.

Mr. Harold Tetzlaff

Harold is 84 years young 
has started to 'downsize' his belongings.

We asked him to tell us what each piece of equipment was 
his memories of working with them.

He told us how he and Ed started farming at 16 when his father was killed in a farm accident.

His mother was a very hard worker, picking up the pieces 
 carrying on with her sons.

She died at the age of 47 but worked like she had lived double that time.

 Harold said he was blessed to live two lifetimes compared to his mom.

Harold and Ed have lived simple lives purchasing only what they needed.

Nothing more.

They only started to retire when Ed got sick a few year ago.

They both were still putting up square bales and farming crops.

 These pieces look like relics to most but hold a lifetime of stories for them.

This sickle was from McCormick Deering which was formed in 1923 - 1949!!

I thought my equipment was old!!

I love the simplicity of his line of equipment.

 A tiny tool box...

Still filled with only what you needed!!

I love how this trail can still be seen 

going out to the back forty from YEARS of travel.

 Even to this day,

There is no running water or bathroom in Harold's house. 

But his outhouse was super clean!

I loved how there was a summer screen and a winter window. 

The little seat cover had a wooden spool as a handle.

Modernized with toilet paper instead of a Sears catalogue!!

They haven't had power and a furnace for that many years either.

No TV.

A radio which is NOT always on.

It is sad to think this is an end of an era. 

Simpler times.

They only have what they NEEDED.

Nothing more. 

I know there were some very tough times.

They learned to be frugal.

Money is not an problem any more 
 if it's not necessary, it's not there.

There was no clutter in his house. 

Harold feels like he has so much to go through before he goes.

If only he knew......

He feels like no one would ever want to live in his house with no modern amenities.

Maybe no one does....

It would be a shame for such a grand home to no longer have life in in it.

 I only have to watch a few minutes of Hoarders to be inspired to start chucking.

I came home blessed that he shared his stories with us....

Sad to see an end of a epic life and family.

Even the simplicity of these fence posts stacked so neatly
 made me reflect back to a few years ago.

Arnold and I both had jobs off the farm
as well as
trying to farm and raise cattle and kids.

We were both tired and frustrated working ALL the time.

I decided to quit me job and just do the farming.

It was either going to work or we would no longer farm.

I wrote on a piece of paper....

What do I want out of my life??

I wrote 4 words.





I look at this list every once in a while.

The only word I feel I need to work on is SIMPLE.

Don't get me wrong...I love a bathroom!!

I need to get rid of STUFF!!

Thanks for spending time with us, Harold.

I loved every minute of it!

Christa and Justin


  1. Great post, Christa! I wanna see inside his home.

  2. Tracey, just stop by anytime this summer you see that little red canyon truck outside, he's more than glad to share and show! Worth a stop on highway 9!


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