Friday, July 28, 2017

Quilt Show and Heritage Festival

It was a great weekend to be in Maple Creek...

Wouldn't you know it.... they had two quilt shows going on!!

There was quite a few antique quilts at Kelli Dee's Floral

as well as a mix of other quilts....

Including 3 of mine!!

My Infinity Quilt

and a herd of cows!!
HER - ford and Speckled Park

There was also a quilt show at the Jasper Center

It had a showing of Canadian Quilts for the 150

How cute it this in all the colors....

as well as some other quilts

The Jasper Center is a museum. 

It once was a school and now it takes you back into the wild west!

Very representative of Maple Creek, Sk

All kinds of brands from the ranches around there...

all kinds of bits and a full room of saddles

Horse shoes of every size...

 Who knew there were this many kinds of barbed wire???

This is only three pages of the 10 that were there!!

I loved this collection of hats....

I think she gave the queen a run for her money!!

It was a cool step back in time!!

I can't even imagine wearing this with the heat wave we have going on!!

I loved this class room with all the different size desks

The Fleming family donated a room full of history

Cute bassinet....

I was starting to get scared when I realized I have this doll
(was my mom's)

and this chair

and this machine...


Is my house starting to look like a museum???

I loved these blue enamel ware.

How come I never have the cute stuff??

This washer is quite the spiffy unit with all the folk painting on it.

Still beautiful!!

But I like the little button on my washer that says 'ON'

Good times...



  1. I love traveling with you via your blog.

    1. Thanks, Brenda!! I thought I was starting to bore all the peeps!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!