Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Heat Wave

The temps ahve been hovering around 32-36C all week....

I have managed to keep my birthday flowers alive!! 

Thanks Charlene and Deb!!

I think of you every day!!

Justin and I had food adventure the other day...

We thought we would try eating at Sakura, a Japanese restaurant

We started with a Thai Tea...it was interesting.....

Next was a green onion soup and lettuce salad with Mango dressing....

The soup was good...


You know how you eat with your eyes first?

My eyes just weren't into that look on the salad....

We ordered a Bento box lunch.


Interesting.....doable but not my favorite!!

 I think it will be a while before I go Japanese again!!

Things on the farm have drying up left and right.

The hay situation is not good.

We have sold some cows and will assess the remainder this fall.

I think it's time for the EAST to send hay WEST....It's their turn!!

This bull was very obstinate when we tried to move him 
Scout came to the rescue and got him moved!!

We also had a cute little addition to the chicken coop...

This little Bantam hen hatched out 8 little cuties!!

Just love how they peak out of her feathers!!

Lucy has been helping me get ready to go
 the Artist Colony in Moose Mountain Park, Sk

So if you are out and about this August long weekend.....

Be sure to stop in!!

I will be there August 3-8, 2017



  1. i'm with you, don't think I will try that.

  2. Happy belated Birthday. Looking forward to seeing your project(s) at the Artist Colony
    Jymmi Kaye


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