Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Deadwood but Not Bust....

One of our favorite places to go for a quick getaway 
 Deadwood, South Dakota

It's like stepping back into the Wild West...

It's just a short drive and before you know it...

You are in the beautiful Black Hills

Our hotel room had this pillow on the bed.

My first thought was what a gorgeous One Block Wonder that could make!!

No, Brenda...I didn't steal it!!

I would have needed at least four!!

Someone was selling blue jean quilts in the restaurant

I thought they were pretty cheap!

We love to do canyon tours so we headed for the waterfalls in Spearfish Canyon

It is still a WATER fall if it's dry???

We saw the mountain goats...

but not in the Mountains.....

in the middle of Deadwood!!

I always feel like it's not a vacation till my first(and only) margarita!!

We tried to rent a Side by side and do the canyon trails
 they were all booked for the long weekend
So we just took some time to sit and enjoy the scenery

Till the people in the other rockers got up and left 
the strange man with his pants wide open started heading our way to chat.

That's when I told Arnold...let's hit the road!!

(there is ALWAYS a 'second story.'..which the girls at quilting are privy to!!)

It was super dry in South Dakota, too.

The smoke was extremely thick on Sunday.

You can barely make out the hills in the distance...
We met a man from Kansas. 

He was disappointed as he could hardly see Mount Rushmore.

We could hardly see Crazy Horse either.
I got to spend some time in at Fabric City in Rapid City, SD

I have been looking for a new sewing machine. 

I am leaning towards a Bernina 770QE. Very similar to my Pfaff. 

They were very informative there!!

I thought I took more pictures but the only one I found was of this pattern.

I was thinking of how much Lori would love it!
All in all....

It was a nice getaway!!


 My condolences to Heather and Gordon Piermantier 
as their dog, Bandit 
made his way to the Dog Park in the Sky.
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  1. ONE margarita??? Yeah, right, Christa!

    1. Really....I only had one!! It was not quite the hot vacation I love to indulge on margaritas!!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!