Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018 Circle Square Ranch Retreat

It was our annual retreat at Circle Square Ranch this weekend

There was all kind of creativity going on!!

Strips were laying all over the place...


Log cabins....

Tractors feeding bales.....

Lugnuts coming together...

The food was FAB -U - LOUS!!!

And the show and tell was even better!!

Shelby showed her latest mystery using a jelly roll

Deb showed her Bountiful quilt

Jane nearly finished a Christmas quilt

Her African Quilt

Heather had tons of quilts to show!!

This Star had quite the store where someone offered her an amazing price
she could not sell it as it was an anniversary quilt for herself!!

Anita finished a runner.

Colleen made a 'quilting juice' runner

 A baby quilt...

And her Canada 150 quilt

A Christmas tea cozy she designed herself!!

This quilt is some fabric that 4 of us have
we challenged each other to make some thing different with it.


And Chris'...

Yikes...I better find that fabric today!!

Chris also finished a shadow box quilt...

The other 'Colleen' was given this jelly roll for her birthday

She made a runner and placemats

Terry finished this incredible Dragonflies 

Her border was some of her Bali fabrics.

It sure finished it off!!

She worked on beading her McKenna Ryan Sea quilt

Dot had a ton of charity quilts...

All of them were amazing...

Trudi only had pictures on her phone 
she is our resident comedian so we all had some good laughs with her antics!

Jill got a good start on her 2 color bargello...

Sharon showed her Border Creek Mystery from a few years ago

This was their 2017 Mystery from Border Creek Station
(My favorite pattern company...just saying)

Nancy was working on this block...

It is fabric from her mom's wedding and grad dress

Theresa showed her son's French Braid grad quilt  

She loved music and made good use of this fabric

Her Fronds fabric was whipped up into a wall hanging

I worked on my own rendition of a Stormy Snail
(Storm at Sea with Snail's Trail)

That bottom row needs repair...it's upside down!!

I have to thank the internet guy for coming yesterday.

He installed a new system and it's 3 times faster!! 
Love it!!
I think Lucy loved it, too!!

She was sitting on his lap when he was trying to get things up and working!!

So it's back to calving.

It`s a nice break with a bit warmer weather!

Not a single calf was born till I got back home!!

Two more yesterday!!

I guess they knew who they trusted to run the maternity ward!!



  1. Y'all are AMAZING!!! Beautiful show and tell.

  2. Thank you I feel like I was there

  3. Is there anyway you could get me in touch with Shelby. I would love to know the name of the pattern she used with all those colorful jelly roll strips. My email is cheya . weber at gmail . com. Thank-you so much!


Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!