Monday, March 12, 2018

Calm After the Storm

It is such a treat to have the weather change to warmer days!!

We managed to survive the last blizzard. 

We did miss one cow who calved outside 
she did her best to protect him by the fence...

She was pretty happy to get into the maternity pen 
both mom and baby are doing great!!

The Orange team have been there to help when they can.

Mostly its been more of an owl's look on the happenings in the barn!!

This was our third set of twins so far!!

So in between treks to the corrals,

I have been working on fixing some of my latest attempts at quilting.

This was my own rendition of Storm at Sea with Snails Trail

After I took the picture I realized I had the bottom row on WRONG!!

I unsewed and got back on track. 

I had no particular direction...just added as I went!!

Since it was Free unlimited Craftsy last weekend,

I watched a few Angela Walter's videos and quilted this one myself!

It's going to be a baby quilt or wall hanging. 

It finished at 60X60"

Next project that needs a few 'adjustments'

My Border Creek Snowflake!!


  1. Absolutely lovely. On a different topic, is your quilt show on the May long weekend?

    1. It is May 20th, 2018. It is one day from 1-4pm at the Sacred Heart Church, it’s going to be a good one! It opens at 1 ceremony at 2 and reception to follow! Hope you can make it!


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