Thursday, April 12, 2018

Where Do The Years Go...

I am sure that is what my dad is thinking today!!

He is 70 years young!

Dad's favorite thing to do it dirt bike in the desert!

With Spring quickly approaching you need to watch this....

70 is not what it used to be that's for sure. 

There are not a lot of guys out biking at 70!!

It's the new 50.

He worked a hard life 
 a drywaller, 

store owner x 3
(Torquay, Halbrite and Chermanius)

Image result for coal truck pictures
a truck driver 

and many other jobs!!

He has thoroughly been enjoying retirement and being a snow bird now!

He`s been dabbling in new hobbies like kayaking

We nearly lost him in October 2017

But with a new valve in his heart, 

He`s good to go for another 70!!

The job he has been the best at....

 is being our dad!!

Now to get that cake made...

What was that again...

Chocolate with jam in between the layers??

Happy birthday, Dad!!

We love you!!

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