Thursday, June 21, 2018

Some Cyreous Business

June 21....

First day of Summer


My parents anniversary!!

And not just any anniversary.....


Take one pretty woman...

Heather Cullum

And one handsome man...

Gerald Cyr

Next thing you know you have one cute kid....
(yah..I's me)

Heather, Gerald, Christa 

or three cute kids!

Tannis, Christa , Larissa

Larissa, Tannis, Heather, Gerald, Christa

True love...

Those 3 cute kids get married and make more people.....


 We have grown to a family of 21 people!!

This is my immediate family..

We had an awesome time celebrating this event at Cypress Park last weekend!

My sister, Larissa put together a slideshow that had us all in tears!!

It's been so long since we all had time to just hang out together.

All our kids are adults now...

The only little kids are my two grandsons!

Thank you to mom and dad for all you have provided us!

Life has been an adventure!

25 moves - BC to Ontario and back

Owned 2 grocery stores and a video store

Sailed and canoed the lakes

Lived in the Bush with a pack of sled dogs

Thanks for being amazing role models and parents

Love yah,



  1. Replies
    1. Can’t beileve how fast time goes! I remember my grandparents picture of their 25th and they looked older than 50 years!! Mom and dad are still kids!


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